Quarantine Scenes Day 84

Gatekeepers of the Church Building

Cheap Alcohol Dispenser Fabricated by Pas Clyde

Covid Terminator at Work

Tagum Mission Preparing for Lifting of Restrictions on Worship

Bacolod Missions Resumes Worship Service June 7, 2020

Pas Mike Preaches at the Funeral of Dad Joven

Moonwalk Homeowners (ROMVI) Administrator Receives Our Donation of Rice

Baranggay Staff Receives Our 2nd Batch of Rice Donations (in White Sacks)

Through Donations We Were Also Able to Help this Church in Morong, Rizal

Our Gensan Missions Prepares for Relief Distribution

Our Tagum Missions Prepares for Relief Distribution

Our Digos City Missions Prepares for Relief Operations

Bro Jake on Sweeper Flight to Cagayan de Oro: Flying OFWs Home

First Taste of Office for Deacon Jerry after 80 days of work-from-home.

Gas Station Fellowship at Shell Service Road Paranaque

Keeping in Touch with the Situation of our Missionaries

Serious Talk at our Elders-Deacons Meeting

Young People Enjoying their Youth Bible Study on Sundays

Same with the Level 2 Sunday School Students

Happy Faces of OFWs at Armstrong St Accommodations

This Time at Cooper House: We gave them a few sacks of rice.

OFWs for a long time now awaiting departure for abroad at McDivitt House

After 2nd Service May 31, 2020

Nice Lunch!

Cellphone, Cellphone

Cellphone, Cellphone

Pas Boy D gives a report during our Prayer Meeting, June 4, 2020

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