Waking Up

Time to wake up this blog for more than a year of pandemic hibernation. The light of new life is beginning to shine.

MCBC Annual Meeting Led by Pas Alex, 12 Feb 2022
Deacons’ Recognition Time, 12 February 2022
Dinner Fellowship, 23 December 2021
Dinner Fellowship, 23 December 2021
Dinner Fellowship, 23 December 2021
Dinner Fellowship, 23 December 2021
Dinner Fellowship, 23 December 2021
Pas Cris from Lubang preaches to us, 26 December 2021
Lord’s Day, 26 December 2021
Toledo and Alyssa, 6 February 2022
Lord’s Day, 6 February 2022
Cleaning Fellowship for 100% Capacity, March 12, 2022
Cleaning Fellowship for 100% Capacity, March 12, 2022
Cleaning Fellowship for 100% Capacity, March 12, 2022
Cleaning Fellowship for 100% Capacity, March 12, 2022
Dirt on Chairs After Two Years of Non-Use
Cleaning Fellowship for 100% Capacity, March 12, 2022
Sunday School Level 1, Where are the Others? March 13, 2022
Sunday School Level 2, March 13, 2022
Sunday School Level 3, March 13, 2022
After Worship, March 13, 2022
After Worship, March 13, 2022
After Worship, March 13, 2022
Worship Leaders Seminar, March 13, 2022


Tedious it may be to prepare our building for worship these days, we have a pandemic, and safety is of paramount concern. Thankfully, for seven months now, God has used our stringent safety protocols as a means to protect our worshipers. We are covid-free thus far.

Our auditorium is subjected to full-blown fumigation on Saturdays prior to worship and on Sundays after the worship. It is sprayed manually by a mild organic disinfectant after our second Sunday session. Thus, there is sanitation, prior to, after and even in-between Lord’s day services.

Being an enclosed air-conditioned facility, we open all doors, left and right, front and back, to cross-ventilate (stale air out; fresh air in) our auditorium after our first service. All attenders are required to wear face masks and face shields at all times and to physically distance while fellowshipping during breaks.

There is a one-meter distance between seats on all sides, although the place is never full as we presently take in only a fourth of our usual attendance on rotation basis (as we are still under General Community Quarantine). Further, those who attend have to fill out a stringent covid19-disclosure form before they are allowed to come.

We who preach do not wear masks while preaching nor have plexiglass barriers on the pulpit because we believe that preaching is a communicative activity where the facial expression of the preacher is indispensable to his preaching. A congregation wearing masks is bad enough; we cannot see the facial expressions of people as they react to our preaching; more barriers will not help. As much as we can help it, the preaching of God’s word must be free of barriers, even that which is psychological.

To counteract potential infection from the pulpit (assuming the preacher is asymptomatically sick) an empty no-seat zone ten-feet by ten-feet in front of the pulpit acts as an invisible barrier for droplets. Further, after the preaching a disinfectant is sprayed all over the pulpit area to neutralize the build up of aerosol clouds that may form from the preacher’s breath. The pulpit itself is also disinfected after every sermon and each preacher has his own wireless microphone.

Our worship service is hymnal-free and pew-Bible free. The hymns are projected on-screen and people are encouraged to bring their own Bibles. Eating inside the auditorium is prohibited.

Church doors are either entrance-only or exit-only and before you can enter any door, you have to step on a disinfectant foot-bath and have your temperature checked by the ushers. Alcohol and extra masks are available for those who may need it. To speed things up, our disclosure form is available online and notifications for permission or prohibition to attend are done the day prior to worship.

All of our air-conditioning systems have been recently cleaned and maintained and soon air-purifiers will be installed in our building.

It is our prayer that the Lord would be pleased to let things improve soon. But while the struggle with covid19 is not yet over, we want to remove any distracting fear that somehow one might get the virus by attending worship with us. With the strict safety measures we have in place, if everyone cooperates (as they have so far), it is possible that one may get the virus, but definitely, not here at MCBC. It is a safe place to worship.

Fumigating After the Sunday Services
Foggy View from the Pulpit
Spraying the Pulpit and Its Vicinity after Preaching
No-seat Zone in Front of the Pulpit
Physically-Distanced Seating During Breaks
Physically-Distanced Seating During Worship
Couples Are Exempted from Distancing
Physically-Distanced Posing
Physically-Distanced Posing
Group B’s Turn to Attend (10/18/20). A Quick Pose After Worship.
Cross Ventilation
Cross Ventilation
Cross Ventilation
Thermal Scanning
Foot Bath
Alcohol Dispenser

Quick Poses




Pas Mike gets to visit Bro Johnny (08/28/20)


Off to the Frontlines for Sis Dani


Our Frontliner on Duty



First Sunday Service in Dolores, Eastern Samar; fortunately no covid cases in the area.

We prayed for the Sovereign Grace Christian Church of Morong, Rizal (08/27/20)(Taken Before Quarantine)


We prayed for the Sta Cruz Baptist Church, Sto Tomas Batangas (08/06/20)

Sept 17 wedding Lord willing for Viljohn and Flordeliza


Alijis, Bacolod City Missions worships with social distancing (08/23/20).


Prayed for the Grace Reformed Baptist Church of Calauag, Quezon (08/13/20)


Praying continually for the health of Sis Edna of Iligan Church.


Pas Mike is invited to preach online at SGC worship service (08/23/20).

Quarantine Scenes Day 128

Group 2 gets a chance to attend live worship (7/19/20).

Good to See Dairo Family after Four Months of Quarantine (7/19/20)

Group 1 got first shot at live attendance (7/12/20).

Group 1 and Physical Distancing (7/12/20).

Ruth gives a stirring testimony of her Christian life at our 33rd anniversary service (6/21/20).

So does Krizzia (6/21/20).

Celebration of 33rd Anniversary – June 21, 2020


No mask no entry (7/5/20).

Bro Jonard gives a report at our online prayer meeting (7/16/20).


Pas Jepson gives a report on the flooding in Digos City (7/2/20).

Pas Thomson of our sister-church in HKG gives a report on the situation in China (6/25/20).

Online fellowship after Pas Steve’s guesting in our prayer meeting (6/11/20).


Good to know that Tina is attending church in Tarlac (7/19/20).

Social Distancing at Ana’s Birthday (6/28/20)

Cyber Distancing. Greeting Sharon on her birthday (6/28/20).

United Colors of MCBC Eldership (6/14/20)


Quick Pose Before Returning to Social Distancing (6/20/20)


Another Quick Pose (6/28/20)

Check Flight after Long Vacation (6/16/20)

Pas Clyde gives a half-year report of the state of the church (7/5/20).

Doing Grandpa Duties


Seriously Studying Bible Notes

Earnest Prayer

Who Cares? Enjoying Chicharon During the Pandemic

Bakery? Delivery Room? Chinese Factory? Pas. Mike goes for tooth repair.

Quarantine Scenes Day 84

Gatekeepers of the Church Building

Cheap Alcohol Dispenser Fabricated by Pas Clyde

Covid Terminator at Work

Tagum Mission Preparing for Lifting of Restrictions on Worship

Bacolod Missions Resumes Worship Service June 7, 2020

Pas Mike Preaches at the Funeral of Dad Joven

Moonwalk Homeowners (ROMVI) Administrator Receives Our Donation of Rice

Baranggay Staff Receives Our 2nd Batch of Rice Donations (in White Sacks)

Through Donations We Were Also Able to Help this Church in Morong, Rizal

Our Gensan Missions Prepares for Relief Distribution

Our Tagum Missions Prepares for Relief Distribution

Our Digos City Missions Prepares for Relief Operations

Bro Jake on Sweeper Flight to Cagayan de Oro: Flying OFWs Home

First Taste of Office for Deacon Jerry after 80 days of work-from-home.

Gas Station Fellowship at Shell Service Road Paranaque

Keeping in Touch with the Situation of our Missionaries

Serious Talk at our Elders-Deacons Meeting

Young People Enjoying their Youth Bible Study on Sundays

Same with the Level 2 Sunday School Students

Happy Faces of OFWs at Armstrong St Accommodations

This Time at Cooper House: We gave them a few sacks of rice.

OFWs for a long time now awaiting departure for abroad at McDivitt House

After 2nd Service May 31, 2020

Nice Lunch!

Cellphone, Cellphone

Cellphone, Cellphone

Pas Boy D gives a report during our Prayer Meeting, June 4, 2020

Day 57 of Lockdown

It is close to two months now of lockdown. Just this noon it was announced that a modified form of community quarantine would be in force starting tomorrow until the end of the month. Many regions have lifted quarantine. I trust the day will come (hopefully soon) when the lockdown would be downgraded and restrictions would be eased and things would go back to normal even if this would mean a new normal. Meanwhile…

Mothers Day 2020…Or is it Valentine’s?

Crew Break after Sunday School: Ham Sandwich, Duck Eggs, Baked Bread and Coffee.

Krizzia Treated Us to Lunch on Her Birthday

Happy Birthday to Krizzia and Annie!

Birthday Lunch: Kare-Kare, Baked Mac, Spaghetti, Cake and Two Kinds of Fruit Salad

Guardian of the Pizza on Pas. Alex’s Birthday Lunch

It can get lonely at the church building on Sundays. Thankfully, we have another birthday celebration. This time, Pas. Alex.

Yummy Dessert!

The MCBC elders give a report on the church and the nation at the Trinity Montville USA Prayer Meeting

A new contact in the community, Judith, receives aid from MCBC which includes a Tagalog tract and church brochure.

We also gave a love gift to Janeth, a former member of MCBC and who is a frontliner at a Paranaque Hospital. She has been staying in the hospital since lockdown.

These are some of the families that were helped by donations that we received. They are from a poor community in Morong, Rizal and part of the constituency of Pas. Erwin of our sister church in Morong.

Children’s Sunday School classes have resumed online! Here is level 2.

My grandson attends level 1 of the Children’s Sunday School.

Jed prefers to take a snack than attend Sunday School online.

Bro. Simon teaches Youth Bible Study online.

Three Generations: My son, Buk, visits us for his quarantine birthday celebration.

An MCBC member treats Buk (and Jam) to a grand Mcdonald’s birthday!

Misha, my granddaughter: “Is this for me?”

Meanwhile after a long Mcdonald’s famine, Deacon Jerry is treated to burger and fries by an MCBC member.

Misha listens attentively to Lolo’s preaching online.

Happy dad Jake to baby girl Keira Isobel, born during lockdown!

Deniece greets her baby amidst plastic sheets all around.

Pas. Mike suffers a painful sprain and does sermon prep the old fashioned way. Nice study table.



Day 34 of Lockdown

It is now one month and four days into quarantine and there is still much uncertainty as to whether the lockdown will be extended or lifted. It is certain though that even if lifted, there will be a “new normal” in church life, at least for a while. Nevertheless, although there have been times of testing positive for laziness tsk tsk, having more time in our hands these days, there have been opportunities to help those who are in need, thanks to the kindheartedness of those whom God has moved to share their resources with others.

From church funds and donations of members, we were able to help a 40-driver tricycle association in Moonwalk (ROMVITODA) giving each driver cash and a church brochure containing the gospel.

We also distributed face masks to the OFWs that we teach in our weekly Bible studies (which have been put on hold at this time). Here are the ladies of Cooper St OFW House.

Mcdivitt OFW House also receive colored cloth masks.

Happy to receive masks, Bacolod OFW house, forget about social distancing.

These packs of rice are destined for needy church members and even attenders.

Rice and cash was distributed to a few underprivileged families who attend one of our Bible studies in Sucat.

From donations of kindhearted brethren from China, we were able to purchase N95 masks for Philippine General Hospital (PGH) and Paranaque Doctors Hospital (PDH). Unfortunately this batch did not pass the bar. We are awaiting the next shipment on 18 Apr.

Dr Chris Endencia of PGH receives the 60 pcs of washable scrub suits we donated to their Anesthesiology Dept.

Immediately, the frontliners use them for their duty.

Our Moonwalk Baranggay Captain receives ten sacks of rice donation from MCBC for their relief distribution efforts.

Bro Arm distributes food packs to attenders of our Alijis Fellowship in Bacolod City.

Meanwhile, services continue to be streamed Sundays via youtube. Here, pastors and sound engineer break for a pose.

Members watch from the comfort of their homes.

Even our deacons watch from home.

This was actually what was taking place at the church.

Alijis Fellowship in Bacolod City joins us in our live stream.

On the home front, this was the food pack we received.

This is what Pas. Alex received.

This was what Pas. Clyde received.

This was what Pas Mike received…..waited till midnight for nothing…although came the next day.

Meanwhile my boy takes his final exams online complete with school uniform.

Then has his haircut

Job wears a DIY mask.

While his dad watches NBA replays on free US TV.



Day 13 of Lockdown

It is day 13 of the lockdown due to the war against covid19. Hopefully statistics on morbidity would taper down soon and the lockdown would be lifted and things return to normal–that is, if they will. Let’s pray it would. May the good things learned, the good habits developed, stay. May the hindrances to church fellowship and worship be removed soon enough. May the vulnerable groups continue to be protected. All in all we know all things work together for good to those who love God and to those who are called according to His purpose.

Sunday, Mar 15, we strictly required all attenders to undergo thermal scanning before entering the auditorium for worship.

Sunday, Mar 15 AM Service, with the community quarantine in place, social distancing was observed for those who attended worship. Many of our people however chose to stay at home and watch online.

Sunday, Mar 15, I met with the team of ladies involved in our OFW evangelism after the AM Service.

Monday, Mar 16, 5pm, walking past the SM Store which closed early that day. That place is usually bustling with people at that hour.

Thursday, March 19, 6am, hordes of people this early at Mercury. Panic buying of medicine.

Thursday, March 19, 7am, at this time of day this road is full of vehicles on standstill due to rush hour. This time, empty and quiet.

Thursday, Mar 19, 7am, usually heavy at this intersection at rush hour. No rush today, only three bikes, most work from home.

Mar 19, Thursday, the Covid19 terminator disinfects our street.

Thurs, Mar 19, 6am, have time these days to watch the baby squirrel scrounge for breakfast.

Sunday, Mar 22, Pas Clyde teaches Sunday School to an empty audience. People stayed home and were watching online.

Sunday, Mar 22, 11:40am, after I preached in the AM Service, a huge crowd of chairs and 4 happy people applying social distancing. Our people watched online.

Thursday, Mar 19, we had a biblically-premised lockdown. Thank God for streaming technology. But not a substitute for live worship attendance.

Sunday, Mar 22, at the deacons’ office, deacon Roland continues to do his task of accounting and writing checks for church ministries.

Mar 27, Friday 8pm, we have had a few elders’ meetings online via Zoom. This one was an elders-deacons meeting to address pressing issues.


Sunday, Mar 15, fortunately no one was sick that morning.