Day 13 of Lockdown

It is day 13 of the lockdown due to the war against covid19. Hopefully statistics on morbidity would taper down soon and the lockdown would be lifted and things return to normal–that is, if they will. Let’s pray it would. May the good things learned, the good habits developed, stay. May the hindrances to church fellowship and worship be removed soon enough. May the vulnerable groups continue to be protected. All in all we know all things work together for good to those who love God and to those who are called according to His purpose.

Sunday, Mar 15, we strictly required all attenders to undergo thermal scanning before entering the auditorium for worship.

Sunday, Mar 15 AM Service, with the community quarantine in place, social distancing was observed for those who attended worship. Many of our people however chose to stay at home and watch online.

Sunday, Mar 15, I met with the team of ladies involved in our OFW evangelism after the AM Service.

Monday, Mar 16, 5pm, walking past the SM Store which closed early that day. That place is usually bustling with people at that hour.

Thursday, March 19, 6am, hordes of people this early at Mercury. Panic buying of medicine.

Thursday, March 19, 7am, at this time of day this road is full of vehicles on standstill due to rush hour. This time, empty and quiet.

Thursday, Mar 19, 7am, usually heavy at this intersection at rush hour. No rush today, only three bikes, most work from home.

Mar 19, Thursday, the Covid19 terminator disinfects our street.

Thurs, Mar 19, 6am, have time these days to watch the baby squirrel scrounge for breakfast.

Sunday, Mar 22, Pas Clyde teaches Sunday School to an empty audience. People stayed home and were watching online.

Sunday, Mar 22, 11:40am, after I preached in the AM Service, a huge crowd of chairs and 4 happy people applying social distancing. Our people watched online.

Thursday, Mar 19, we had a biblically-premised lockdown. Thank God for streaming technology. But not a substitute for live worship attendance.

Sunday, Mar 22, at the deacons’ office, deacon Roland continues to do his task of accounting and writing checks for church ministries.

Mar 27, Friday 8pm, we have had a few elders’ meetings online via Zoom. This one was an elders-deacons meeting to address pressing issues.


Sunday, Mar 15, fortunately no one was sick that morning.

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