Day 34 of Lockdown

It is now one month and four days into quarantine and there is still much uncertainty as to whether the lockdown will be extended or lifted. It is certain though that even if lifted, there will be a “new normal” in church life, at least for a while. Nevertheless, although there have been times of testing positive for laziness tsk tsk, having more time in our hands these days, there have been opportunities to help those who are in need, thanks to the kindheartedness of those whom God has moved to share their resources with others.

From church funds and donations of members, we were able to help a 40-driver tricycle association in Moonwalk (ROMVITODA) giving each driver cash and a church brochure containing the gospel.

We also distributed face masks to the OFWs that we teach in our weekly Bible studies (which have been put on hold at this time). Here are the ladies of Cooper St OFW House.

Mcdivitt OFW House also receive colored cloth masks.

Happy to receive masks, Bacolod OFW house, forget about social distancing.

These packs of rice are destined for needy church members and even attenders.

Rice and cash was distributed to a few underprivileged families who attend one of our Bible studies in Sucat.

From donations of kindhearted brethren from China, we were able to purchase N95 masks for Philippine General Hospital (PGH) and Paranaque Doctors Hospital (PDH). Unfortunately this batch did not pass the bar. We are awaiting the next shipment on 18 Apr.

Dr Chris Endencia of PGH receives the 60 pcs of washable scrub suits we donated to their Anesthesiology Dept.

Immediately, the frontliners use them for their duty.

Our Moonwalk Baranggay Captain receives ten sacks of rice donation from MCBC for their relief distribution efforts.

Bro Arm distributes food packs to attenders of our Alijis Fellowship in Bacolod City.

Meanwhile, services continue to be streamed Sundays via youtube. Here, pastors and sound engineer break for a pose.

Members watch from the comfort of their homes.

Even our deacons watch from home.

This was actually what was taking place at the church.

Alijis Fellowship in Bacolod City joins us in our live stream.

On the home front, this was the food pack we received.

This is what Pas. Alex received.

This was what Pas. Clyde received.

This was what Pas Mike received…..waited till midnight for nothing…although came the next day.

Meanwhile my boy takes his final exams online complete with school uniform.

Then has his haircut

Job wears a DIY mask.

While his dad watches NBA replays on free US TV.



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