Day 57 of Lockdown

It is close to two months now of lockdown. Just this noon it was announced that a modified form of community quarantine would be in force starting tomorrow until the end of the month. Many regions have lifted quarantine. I trust the day will come (hopefully soon) when the lockdown would be downgraded and restrictions would be eased and things would go back to normal even if this would mean a new normal. Meanwhile…

Mothers Day 2020…Or is it Valentine’s?

Crew Break after Sunday School: Ham Sandwich, Duck Eggs, Baked Bread and Coffee.

Krizzia Treated Us to Lunch on Her Birthday

Happy Birthday to Krizzia and Annie!

Birthday Lunch: Kare-Kare, Baked Mac, Spaghetti, Cake and Two Kinds of Fruit Salad

Guardian of the Pizza on Pas. Alex’s Birthday Lunch

It can get lonely at the church building on Sundays. Thankfully, we have another birthday celebration. This time, Pas. Alex.

Yummy Dessert!

The MCBC elders give a report on the church and the nation at the Trinity Montville USA Prayer Meeting

A new contact in the community, Judith, receives aid from MCBC which includes a Tagalog tract and church brochure.

We also gave a love gift to Janeth, a former member of MCBC and who is a frontliner at a Paranaque Hospital. She has been staying in the hospital since lockdown.

These are some of the families that were helped by donations that we received. They are from a poor community in Morong, Rizal and part of the constituency of Pas. Erwin of our sister church in Morong.

Children’s Sunday School classes have resumed online! Here is level 2.

My grandson attends level 1 of the Children’s Sunday School.

Jed prefers to take a snack than attend Sunday School online.

Bro. Simon teaches Youth Bible Study online.

Three Generations: My son, Buk, visits us for his quarantine birthday celebration.

An MCBC member treats Buk (and Jam) to a grand Mcdonald’s birthday!

Misha, my granddaughter: “Is this for me?”

Meanwhile after a long Mcdonald’s famine, Deacon Jerry is treated to burger and fries by an MCBC member.

Misha listens attentively to Lolo’s preaching online.

Happy dad Jake to baby girl Keira Isobel, born during lockdown!

Deniece greets her baby amidst plastic sheets all around.

Pas. Mike suffers a painful sprain and does sermon prep the old fashioned way. Nice study table.



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