Quarantine Scenes Day 128

Group 2 gets a chance to attend live worship (7/19/20).

Good to See Dairo Family after Four Months of Quarantine (7/19/20)

Group 1 got first shot at live attendance (7/12/20).

Group 1 and Physical Distancing (7/12/20).

Ruth gives a stirring testimony of her Christian life at our 33rd anniversary service (6/21/20).

So does Krizzia (6/21/20).

Celebration of 33rd Anniversary – June 21, 2020


No mask no entry (7/5/20).

Bro Jonard gives a report at our online prayer meeting (7/16/20).


Pas Jepson gives a report on the flooding in Digos City (7/2/20).

Pas Thomson of our sister-church in HKG gives a report on the situation in China (6/25/20).

Online fellowship after Pas Steve’s guesting in our prayer meeting (6/11/20).


Good to know that Tina is attending church in Tarlac (7/19/20).

Social Distancing at Ana’s Birthday (6/28/20)

Cyber Distancing. Greeting Sharon on her birthday (6/28/20).

United Colors of MCBC Eldership (6/14/20)


Quick Pose Before Returning to Social Distancing (6/20/20)


Another Quick Pose (6/28/20)

Check Flight after Long Vacation (6/16/20)

Pas Clyde gives a half-year report of the state of the church (7/5/20).

Doing Grandpa Duties


Seriously Studying Bible Notes

Earnest Prayer

Who Cares? Enjoying Chicharon During the Pandemic

Bakery? Delivery Room? Chinese Factory? Pas. Mike goes for tooth repair.

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