Batch 8

The Lord be praised for the 8th batch of graduates of the Reformed Baptist Institute of Pastoral Training (RBIPT). Brothers Armand Rutor of General Santos City and Enevald Capungcol of Mahaplag, Leyte received their diplomas after three years of intense study. They looked congressional in their well-ironed barongs as they each gave their farewell speeches to the congregation. May they be vessels fit for the Master’s use wherever Jesus would call them. Pastor Steve led the service and Pastor Rene gave the address which he took from Acts 20:28. May the message be taken to heart.

Jayson and Hannah

I married my eldest daughter Hannah to her long time fiance Jayson last Saturday Feb 18, 2017. It was a solemnly joyful occasion. The Lord answered prayer. Thank you to those who came and to those who helped in various ways.

May the Lord in His kindness grant a happy and harmonious relationship to the new couple!





























Visitors from Abroad

It was a blessing to have Pastor Jeremy Walker of Maidenbower Baptist Church, Crawley, UK and Pastor Wei En Yi of Shalom Reformed Baptist Church, Singapore minister the word of God to us yesterday. Pastor Jeremy was here in 2015 and it was a delight to renew fellowship with him. He taught on the life and works of Matthew Henry in the Sunday School and preached to us an encouraging message from John 17:4 in the morning.

Pas Wei meanwhile preached to us from Eph 6:14 in the afternoon, pointing us to Christ and to His righteousness in the midst of discouragement on the one hand and self-confidence on the other. It was his first time to visit MCBC.

It was a fruitful day and especially a restful one for the elders of MCBC.




Look at my Sunday School work






Pinoys in Ties and Westerners in Barongs


Lopez Clan

Reserve a Dozen Seats for the Lopez Clan Every Sunday


Why Are You Looking at Me That Way Huh?

Pas. Wei En Yi

Pas. Wei En Yi




RBIPT Mini-Reunion

With Friends at CRBC Pastors Conference

With Friends at CRBC Pastors Conference

It's a boy for Bro. Mario and it was Leo and Gigi's 14th anniversary.

It’s a boy for Bro. Mario and it was Leo and Gigi’s 14th anniversary.


Happy Reunion of Five Batches of RBIPT Students.


Reliving Past Memories and Telling Stories of the Present


Gensent Betangcol was born Feb 7 while Daddy was away in Manila.

How's about a selfie?

How’s about a selfie?

Deacon Jerry Catches Up

Deacon Jerry Catches Up

Kobe’s Baptism

Kobe is the son of Rosanna and grandson of Linda, both long-standing members of MCBC. He has a younger sister Chalsea who was just recently baptized and accepted as one of our newest members.

Kobe’s is a surprising conversion. I told the congregation in my morning message that if Kobe’s family were all saved in God’s mercy, I had expected Kobe to be the last. That’s because based on my observation, he was the least interested in the Bible and in the things of Christ among the siblings. There was a time when I conducted a Bible study in their family and the whole family was there seated in the living room but Kobe was still at the computer screen fighting it out with whoever he was fighting with in an imaginary computer game. Gaming was his life. This was his joy. This was his god.

But the true and living God works mysteriously and amazingly. After I taught on the subject of faith in one of our Sunday Schools this past December, he approached my co-pastor and asked to be interviewed. My co-pastor did not expect that he was interested in being a church member. Even his mother was surprised as we informed her later.

We interviewed him as soon as we could and he told us that he spent many sleepless nights examining his life and seeing the vanity of his worldly pursuits. He realized that his life was aimless and his happiness at the keyboards was shallow. God was convicting him of sin and cyberspace idolatry.

Thanks be to God, that through His word, He revealed to Kobe that true and lasting peace and happiness can only be found in Christ. It is only in Him and through Him that sin can be forgiven. He died on the cross for sinners. And Kobe admitted he was one.

I had the privilege of baptizing him yesterday and I rejoice at the newest addition to our ever-growing young people population. May many more young people follow the footsteps of Kobe. May God save more, young and old alike!



Hugs from Lola Linda and Sister Chalsea

Hugs from Lola Linda and Sister Chalsea



Plus One for the Youth

Plus One for the Youth


Visitors Dan and Susan chat with Pas Alex

Visitors Dan and Susan chat with Pas Alex

Dr. Jim Renihan preaches for us in the PM

Dr. Jim Renihan preaches for us in the PM


The Avengers Arrive from Mindanao Today

The Avengers Arrive from Mindanao Today




Weekend Fellowships

Youth Fellowship-35 Attenders (012717) Pas Mike preaches on Eccl 11:7-10

Youth Fellowship-35 Attenders (012717) Pas Mike preaches on Eccl 11:7-10

Women's Fellowship-35 adult attenders (012817) - On Controlling Thoughts and

Women’s Fellowship-35 adult attenders (012817) – On Controlling Thoughts and Overcoming Fear and Anxiety

Men's Fellowship-21 attenders-(012817)-Mortifying Lust and Internet Pornography

Men’s Fellowship-22 attenders-(012817)-Mortifying Lust and Internet Pornography

















Mommy O


“12 The righteous man will flourish like the palm tree, He will grow like a cedar in Lebanon. 13 Planted in the house of the Lord, they will flourish in the courts of our God. 14 They will still yield fruit in old age; they shall be full of sap and very green, 15 to declare that the Lord is upright; He is my rock, and there is no unrighteousness in Him.” (From Psalm 92 NASB)

I expounded verse 14 to our seniors a few months ago in our Senior Moments fellowship. Thanks be to God that it holds true for all of them; they are still alive and kicking, actively serving the Lord.

One of them celebrated her birthday yesterday–in fact, her 85th! God has given her a loooong life. We call her Mommy O, the most senior member of our church. How could I forget her birthday? It’s the same as my mom’s (who went to be with the Lord in 2011). My mommy would have been 83 yesterday. She and Mommy O were very close and dear friends. In fact, Mommy O would often shed tears when memories of her friendship with my mom would come up in conversations.

Though a Bulakena like my mom, Mommy O was really born and raised in Aliaga, Nueva Ecija. The family moved to Bulacan only after her graduation from elementary. Her father hailed from San Miguel, the northernmost town of Bulacan province near the boundary with Nueva Ecija. She would spend her high school years in San Miguel and excel in track and field in her school.

College would bring her to Manila. She began her tertiary education at Arellano College but would wind up graduating from National University (NU). At NU she would show a talent for softball and would become an athlete-scholar. Her active involvement in sports would have long-term effects as she continues to be trim and energetic even to this day.

She graduated with an elementary education degree in 1956 but she would not become a teacher. Rather, she would be employed for more than 22 years at the Philippine Veterans Office Auditing Department. She would be in charge of administering education benefits for veterans’ families. She would retire in 1979.

But sports was not her only love. She also developed another love at her alma mater, NU. A man named Francisco, five years her senior, who hailed from Pampanga, and who himself was a baseball player in high school, was working at the accounting office in NU. Francisco courted the young student and one day proposed to her by writing the words “I Love You” on a tissue paper which he handed to her inside the NU library. I am thankful that Mommy did not have a cold that day! But it all started there and it blossomed into a love relationship that would end up in marriage. They would tie the knot in October 1957.

Ultimately, Francisco would find opportunity to work abroad and be employed at an oil company in Libya. Unfortunately, he would meet an untimely death in 1987 while away from his family.

Not long after the tragedy of her husband’s death, God in His kind providence brought Mommy into contact with the church. One of our men who happened to work in the same office as Mommy’s daughter, Bang, would invite her (Bang) to attend worship at MCBC. It would not be long when it was Bang’s turn to invite her mommy. She would begin attending MCBC in late 1987.

Since then, Mommy would be a regular of MCBC. But it was only after three years of faithful attendance that God would open her eyes for her to truly understand the gospel. No amount of clear explanation of gospel truth both formally, in preaching, and informally, in conversation, would make her see the folly of her works-righteousness and idolatry until God opened her heart. She was baptized as a Christian in 1990.

Ever since, Mommy O has been a testimony of God’s grace. She fits the description of the godly person of Psalm 92:12-15. She is a very diligent, hard-working woman despite her age. She is very active in the ministries of the church, entertaining visitors, encouraging fellow seniors, doing kitchen duty, and being a very good example of faithful attendance of all of the stated meetings of the church. She greatly enjoys the sweet fellowship of God’s people and everyone in MCBC loves and respects her. 

May the Lord give her strength of body and of soul and keep her faithful to the end. She is a woman of love and virtue and a shining example of faithful persevering devotion to Jesus. May the younger generation take note.

Happy birthday Mommy O!