Joyce and Mely

Sad news. Joyce was one of the patients at Philippine General Hospital who stayed in the same ward as our member Delia. Many of those who visited Delia took pity on her as she endured the pain of late stage pancreatic cancer and shared the Word of God with her. She was a young single lady of 26.

The Lord took her life last Saturday just as we planned to visit her in her home in Calamba, Laguna. It was not the Lord’s will for us to speak to her alive. Nevertheless, it is our hope and prayer that she was able to understand the gospel and to receive Jesus as her Savior in her dying days.

The Lord opened a door of opportunity to share the gospel to family and friend in her home where her wake was held. I pray that the Lord would use this difficult experience in their lives to point them to Christ.

Sharing the Gospel at Joyce's Funeral to Family and Friend

Sharing the Gospel at Joyce’s Funeral to Family and Friend

Joyce before she got sick.

Joyce before she got sick.

On a happier note, one of our seniors, Mely Tria, celebrated her 80th birthday at a restaurant in Makati. I thank the Lord not just for her long life but for her long life of dedication and service to Christ–46 years all in all (she was saved at 34). May the Lord continue to give her strength to serve Him and as she requested in our prayer meeting, may God grant more love for Christ and continued spiritual growth. Her favorite verse at present is Ps 146:2, “I will praise the Lord while I live, I will sing praises to my God while I have my being.”


Starring the Seniors of MCBC

Starring the Seniors of MCBC







Home Finally

Finally home. GOD IS GOOD!

Finally home. GOD IS GOOD!

Finally Delia is home.

She was confined at Paranaque Doctors Hospital (PDH) for an aneurysm, with a 50-50 chance of survival, June 25 of this year. Most of the time she was in ICU and after showing positive signs of recovery she was moved to a regular room. But her aneurysm needed to be clipped. So she needed an operation.

She spent more than a month (36 days) at PDH (June 25 to July 31) and was moved to Philippine General Hospital (PGH) where the operation would take place. The operation was successful and there was great progress in recovery especially of her mental functions.

Finally, she was discharged last night, after having spent about two and one half months at PGH (July 31 to Oct 11). Overall, she spent more than three and one half months in a hospital bed.

Imagine the joy she felt when she was told they were finally leaving the hospital. She was tearful. There were sad farewells with wardmates, nurses and orderlies. Yet all were happy that she was leaving what became home for a long while.

I picked them up and on the way home she was like a prisoner set free, marveling at the lights and the moving vehicles. She was even guiding me as to where I should turn to reach their address.

Now they are home sweet home. Now she can see the sunshine and feel the rain. But all is not over. She still has a long way to go to recover fully, God permitting. They covet your continuous prayers.

Thank you for all those who prayed and helped and visited and showed concern. God has and continues to be good. I praise Him for His kindness; I praise Him for His purposes. We established evangelistic contacts in the hospital and a couple of times the gospel was shared to wardmates. In fact, I will be visiting one of them in her home shortly.

Truly God is good! To Him be all praise and glory!

Really? Are we really leaving?

Really? Are we really leaving?

Tears when daughter Nina broke the news.

Tears when daughter Nina broke the news.

Farewell to Wardmates

Farewell to Wardmates

Had a BS at Audie's Home and Office for more than a year. Prayed for her mother in law.

Providential Meeting: Had a Bible Study at Audie’s Home and Office for more than a year. Prayed for her mother in law.

After 109 days of confinement, now leaving for home.

After 109 days of confinement, now leaving for home.

Are we going abroad?

Are we going abroad?

Careful now..

Careful now..

Like a prisoner set free..

Like a prisoner set free..

Home at Last!

Home at Last!

Ward 434

We celebrated Delia’s birthday one day in advance. She was up and about and all smiles when she saw our group arrive. She always looked forward to visits. This was at PGH Ward 434.

The Lord’s healing power is indeed amazing. Just a few weeks ago she was fighting for life having suffered hemorrhagic stroke due to a brain aneurysm. She was on respirator in ICU for about three weeks with bleeding in her brain, semi-comatose and 50-50. But the church incessantly prayed for her recovery.

The Lord was pleased to grant gradual healing and recovery to Delia so that by the day she slowly gained strength and progressed well with her mental faculties. She soon was transferred to a regular room.

A week ago the aneurysms were clipped thus lessening the risk of a repeat. A few days ago she was given discharge orders. When it was time for us to leave last night she even walked us to the door desiring to go home with us. But we said it was not yet time.

I thank the Lord for Delia and Nina and her loved ones who kept close to her during these many weeks, enduring the difficulties of living in a hospital and yet standing by to help.

I also thank the Lord for the opportunity to pray publicly for the five other patients in the ward and to go bed by bed to speak to patient and watcher personally in order to share the gospel of God’s grace with them. I prayed the Lord would have mercy and heal. But I told them that soul healing was much more important. I pointed all to Christ for salvation.

Though there was rejoicing for God’s goodness to Delia, my spirit was heavy that she was the only one leaving the hospital fairly well. All of her wardmates had cancer–from seniors down to a young 26-year old lady. I doubt whether some of them would be able to leave the hospital alive. But I pray for God’s mercy.

Please pray for Delia’s fuller recovery and for God to provide for financial needs. Please pray too that the seeds that were sown in every one in the ward would bear fruit. I was happy for the opportunity to speak to every soul (except one) in Ward 434 and was thankful that none resisted the sharing of Scripture but everyone appreciated our witness and prayer.

To God be the glory!


She can now stand up and walk. Happy Birthday Delia!


But she still has to be spoon-fed. ‘Here’s some cake Mommy!’ Ugh what’s this?


Hey, look at the blueberry cake they brought me for my birthday! He he..


Pray for Rebecca. She’s a Catholic catechist. She suffers from lung and liver cancer. I borrowed their Catholic Bible to share the gospel to them. She was very appreciative.


Lilibeth (L) is from Bicol. She is a housewife. She suffers from ovarian cancer. She reads Catholic devotionals. I shared John 3:16 with her and her mother.


Joyce is a mere 26 years old and she suffers from Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. I weep inside when I see her in pain. I told her “Joyce, magpakatatag ka. Kumapit ka lang kay Kristo.” I and my companions had a good sharing time with her mom and cousin.


Wasn’t able to speak with Milagros as she was fast asleep. But I chatted with her nephew who works at DMCI. They are from Catanduanes. Shared and prayed with him.


Amy is suffering from ovarian cancer. Prayed with them and told them that good health isn’t everything. The important thing is that our hearts are right with God.


She still has a long way to go. But she poses as if nothing happened. He he.

A Wedding in Lucena

Kenneth and Loraine tied the knot Friday, July 15, 2016 at Cerca del Rio, Tayabas City, Quezon Province. Pastor Alex officiated and I preached on Gen 2:24-25. Though driving six hours to and from the venue was wearying, it was a time of reviving old friendships and enjoying the company and fellowship of God’s people.

May the Lord grant a happy and harmonious marriage to the newly weds!