Abi’s Baptism

Introducing our newest member, teener Abigail Lopez, baptized and received to membership October 1, 2017.

Teens Welcome Abi in a dinner fellowship.



SGC Ordination

I had the opportunity to visit our sister church, the Sovereign Grace Church (SGC) of Manila, last Sunday afternoon, September 17, this time not to preach but to witness the ordination of their two new deacons. This is a tremendous blessing since they haven’t had an additional deacon for many many years in spite of their growing ministry.

Thanks be to God that He answered prayer. Brothers Junie and Robert were ordained as their second and third deacons. Brother Junie, a former deacon himself in his previous church, is a very humble, unassuming, and diligent man who can be trusted with the work of a deacon. Brother Robert (along with his wife Bubbles) are a very hard working and hospitable couple. Many times they have lent their house in Baguio to us when we were on vacation in that city.

I pray that with the addition of two new deacons, the work of God through SGC would indeed grow and prosper. With the recent additions in church membership especially of young people (and some more applying for membership), may the church be all the more encouraged to serve the Lord with zeal.

To God be the glory for His gifts to the church!

Pastor Rene is overjoyed that he now has two more deacons…

…but the two new deacons are not smiling..they know this means hard work!

Pastor Steve prays for the new deacons.

The new deacons pose with two of our MCBC deacons.

Future deacon?

Sister Xenia from Iligan was there too.

With Deacon Robert and Wife Bubbles

Youth Fellowship

Former deacon busy texting.

With the Sornillo teens


Ladies Fellowship Sept 2017

We had thirty one ladies gather last Saturday, September 16 for their quarterly women’s fellowship. I preached two messages on the theme, “The Trials and Comforts of a Godly Woman.” There was a question and answer portion after each message and then a time of small group prayer after the fellowship lunch.

May the Lord use these fellowships to strengthen the spiritual bonds that connect our ladies. Furthermore, may this particular topic enable our women to face trial better by drawing instruction and comfort from the word of God in their times of difficulty. Praise be to God for answered prayer.

Sept 3 and Others

I was happy to see 17 OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) attend our morning service last Sunday, September 3 . For two weeks now they have been coming in droves. They come from three employment agencies scattered around the community. We have a long-standing Saturday Bible study in one of them and hope to have an outreach in another. These ladies are headed towards Singapore, Malaysia and the Middle East.

They need our prayers. They are leaving behind families and loved ones to go to a place where most of them have never gone before, with the risk of being hired by abusive employers and prevented from leisurely time to partake of the word of God. They do this all to earn income for their hard-up families. May God have mercy on these ones.

Above all, may the seed of the gospel that has been sown flourish and take root in the hearts of these young ladies.

The Ingente family also visited us last Sunday. I am dwarfed by Ronald who is 6’4″ and only in high school.

Andy and Lalay’s “untimely born”

Meanwhile, we also sent a contingent to the REBAP Sunday School Teachers Seminar held last Aug 28 in Cubao.

Happy to see Pas Noel up and well

With Pas Ramen

Deacon Jerry visited our outreach in Gensan last Sunday, Sept 3

Brother Mario, our missionary, still carries the MCBC attire

Fast Growing Kid: Baby Gensent



I’m sure pictures and videos of the homeschoolers party last Friday Sept 1, 2017 would have been uploaded to FB by now–I saw many taking shots. These are the only ones I was able to take.

The theme of the program was centered on the Linggo ng Wika celebrations. It was a fun time.

It was also a bday celebration for Job and Gab.

Are they studying for an exam? This is what I call concentration.


Couples and Seniors

The couples of MCBC had a good time of fellowship last Friday evening, August 25. In spite of the rains, 34 were able to attend, including a couple of visitors. I taught on the topic of “Adjustment in Marriage.”

We usually go through the course on pre-marital counseling to refresh ourselves with the basics of marriage. After all, it is in the basics where a marriage can either go well or go wrong.

It is our prayer that with these post-marital counseling sessions, we would have stronger couples in MCBC. With strong couples and stable families we have a strong church.


Clyde and Sharon were the Gamemasters

Fall in Line for Questioning Guys

Edwin and Aling

Gian and Kemi


Cielo and May

Deo and Alice

Nong and Mano

Louie and Lina

Pas Rolly and Gels

Jayson and Hannah

Mario and Susan

Pas Mike and France

Dinner Time

The Babysitters

The Babies

Ano nakakapagpakilig sa mga babae?


Senior Moments Aug 26 2017 “Pictures of Faith”

Ruth and Bam lead the games.


Preachers Class

The Reformed Baptist Institute of Pastoral Training (RBIPT) resumed classes last Aug 11 but with a twist. We have temporarily shifted focus from training full-time ministerial students to helping preachers and potential office-bearers sharpen and determine their gifts and calling and who cannot leave their present employments. Thus, instead of the two-week modules that we usually have, our classes are now held only on Friday nights, the best time for these students.

Hopefully, from among this crop, future church leaders would arise. There are about fifteen students with ages ranging from below 20 to above 50. Presently, they are taking up a course on determining a call to the ministry.

As to a full-time course, there are some who are interested. But after interview we have deemed it premature for these potential students to be enrolled at the present.

In any case, our prayer remains the same–that the Lord who gives gifts to His church would continue to raise up able men for His harvest. May He bless our humble efforts at training men towards that end.

Wow look at those crabs!

Father and Son attend the course.