Taal Relief

The Lord gave us an opportunity to do relief operations in Talisay and Agoncillo, Batangas last Saturday, March 7, 2020. This was done in coordination with Pastor Willy (Pastor of a Reformed Church in Sta Tomas, Batangas). Agoncillo town is nearest to Taal Volcano and was the worst hit municipality during the Taal eruptions early this year. In a small way, the Lord enabled us to help with the temporal needs of a small community of attenders in an outreach of a Christian church situated in Agoncillo. The place where we gave relief was the place where they met for evangelistic weekly Bible studies. Aside from the small help that the Lord enabled us to provide, more importantly, the gospel of the Lord Jesus was preached to the beneficiaries. The Lord also enabled us to provide a few sacks of rice to families who attended a sovereign grace church in Talisay, Batangas.

May the Lord have mercy on these affected families and help them to recover from the devastation brought about by the volcano eruption. In this, and other relief operations, may they not see the benevolence of man, but the kindness and compassion of the Lord Jesus Christ leading them to repentance and faith in Him.

Taal Volcano is just a stone’s throw away from Agoncillo town. (Taken from the shoreline of Agoncillo.)

Pas Clyde was our relief operations coordinator.

Pas Ernie (in striped short) is pastor of the church in Agoncillo and Pas Willy (In black) of the Reformed church in Sto Tomas, Batangas.

Pas Alex preaches the gospel to the beneficiaries of the relief.

Coconut trees bear the brunt of the volcanic ashfall.

The crater is just behind the hill.

Members of Pas Willy’s church helped out in the relief.

Lunch Fellowship in Tagaytay afterwards.

View from Tagaytay. What was once lush green is now desert gray.

Pastor Ronnie

I was privileged to lead the ordination service for the second pastor of Molino Grace Bible Church (MGBC) last Sunday, March 1, 2020. After so many years of having only a single elder in the church in the person of Pastor Isidro “Boy” Dadula, he now has a co-elder in the person of Pastor Ronnie “RG” Gaad.

Pastor Ronnie has been with MGBC since its Pentecostal days. He and his family stayed on even if reformation turned many away. He is a widower with two young men as his sons, one of whom is also a gifted teacher and handles the regular adult Sunday School of the church.

Pastor Ronnie is presently a full-time student in the Reformed Baptist Institute of Pastoral Training and Theology. Let’s pray for him and for the church in Molino that with a plurality of elders they would grow stronger and would be used of God in a greater way for the advancement of His kingdom.

Except for me and Pas Alex beside me, these are the men of MGBC, posing after praying for the ordination service.

Pas Boy leads the morning service.

Congregation looks at their Bibles during the Scripture Reading.

Their T-shaped meeting place is an expansion of their former narrow I-shaped meeting place

Newly ordained Pas Ronnie (in blue) with three elders of MCBC and Pas Boy. I preached on Heb 13:17 while my co-elders prayed during the laying on of hands.

Pas Boy is very happy now that he has a “katuwang” in the ministry.

Brothers all? The two sons of Pas Ronnie; Daniel on the right in blue is the adult Sunday School teacher.

Gaad family poses with Pas Boy and Beth. Ronnie’s wife Inday who passed away a few years ago is the younger sister of Beth, Pas Boy’s wife.

With MCBC members Sudi and her husband Harvey. Sudi is Ronnie’s boss at Allegro Microsystems where he is presently employed.

MCBC members in full-support of MGBC brethren.

Time-out for lunch.

Deacons’ Day

Here are snapshots from our Annual Deacons Appreciation Day, Saturday, Feb 08, 2020.


Pas. Clyde leads prayer meeting devoted to praying for our deacons.



Deacon Jerry giving his testimony about being a deacon at MCBC.


The members have their own time of appreciating the deacons publicly.


The deacons wives are behind the deacons’ success.


Our six deacons are requested to stand up front for some gift giving.


Fun and Games Afterwards


Deacons with Prayer Meeting Attenders


Elders and Deacons Meet after Prayer Meeting


A Long Line of MCBC Ladies


Sample of the Sumptuous Food Prepared for the Deacons by the Elders and Members


Hello Seniors!


Hello Sisters!


Hello Lola and Apos!


Welcome Back Ana and Belle!

CRBC Pastors Conference (Day 1)

Pictures from Day 1 of the Cubao Reformed Baptist Church 30th Annual Pastors Conference (Feb 4 2020).

Brethren from Minglanilla (Cebu), Baybay (Leyte) and Numancia (Aklan) stayed at the RBIPT quarters. Here, preparing to leave for Day 1 of the conference.

Pas. Noel was the opening speaker.

With Pas Ferdie (Severina, Paranaque) and Pas Jorge (SGCC, San Pedro).

With Pas Cris (Lubang Island) and Pas Ronnie (Agusan del Sur)

With Bro Jong, Pas Gerry, Bro Mikoo (Iligan) and Pas Joey (Makati)

With Pas Brian (still looking good in his 80s) of CRBC

With Pas Ismael of CRBC

Pas Carl Mueller of Canada spoke on Pride in the Ministry

With Sis Monique of CRBC

With Bro Vincent of Pavia, Iloilo

Bro Eval (Baybay,Leyte) and Pas Boy and Beth (Molino, Cavite)

With Pas Sam (Baguio) and Pas Elmer (Lubao, Pampanga)

With Pas Pepe (Malaybalay, Bukidnon)

With Bro Olan and Pas Manny (Valleyview, Cainta)

With the Men of Bacolod Reformed Baptist Fellowship

With Bro Bobong of the Church in Ormoc City (Leyte)

Pas Craig Ireland preaches the last sermon of the day.

Visitors from Australia

Pastor Troy Cane of the Berean Bible Church of North Ipswich, Queensland, Australia (together with his nephew and son-in-law) visited us last Sunday, Feb 2 and spoke to us in our Sunday School and Morning Worship Service. He gave us a picture of the sad state of the church in Australia today compared to previous times and then preached a powerful sermon on Eph 2 in the morning. We were greatly encouraged and moved to pray for the greater advance of the gospel in the vast continent of Australia.




Martin’s Baptism

Here is Martin’s Testimony:

Growing up in a Christian family has been a great blessing in my life. The Word of God has been taught to me since I was a little kid. I grew up attending Sunday schools, memory drills, prayer meetings and fellowship. But as years went by, my heart got colder and farther away from God. My teenage experience was the most crucial stage where I was truly exposed to the wickedness of this world. I had the mindset of seeking the pleasures of this world and a goal of reaching the success of evil men. Sin was not a problem to me simply because I delighted in doing it, and I didn’t care if I do such thing in order to fulfill the desires of my flesh. Sunday worship was just a normal day for me. I listened to the preachings, but then in a little while, my mind already wandered off and got distracted by a lot of things like school stuff, entertainment, friends, and my plans for the coming days. When I got home, I already forgot what was preached. My desire of worshipping God was not there, and I thought that attaining salvation from God was not a need because I was still young. I believed in my own strength, and I began to be so proud and self-righteous. I used to do mechanical prayers and devotions when told to do so. I preferred doing things for leisure and entertainment because these satisfied me. All in all, my life was just about me, myself, and I. I became so selfish and arrogant thinking that I could handle myself with my achievements in this world. I had let my sins enslaved me as they corrupted my mind and heart. I could compare myself to the evil men of this world for we are both enemies and rebels in the sight of God.

But God being rich in mercy and through the work of the Holy Spirit, He opened my heart to see how great a sinner I am. Then, the preaching of the Word of God every Sunday became more personally enlightening. I began to get convicted of my sinfulness and pride against the Lord, and I have begun to fear that my continuous rebellion to God would lead me to hell if I would not be saved through Him. I became really angry to myself on how I offended God all this time as I truly deserve eternal punishment because of my rebellion. I thought I could handle myself from sinning but still, I failed him every day. Last month, there was a time that I couldn’t handle my guilt anymore. I was so afraid that I didn’t know what to do. By God’s grace, I ran to Christ in prayer and cried for mercy. I asked forgiveness to the Lord that He may cleanse me and help my unbelief. By true faith and repentance, He would grant me salvation that is only founded through Christ and Christ alone. No one can underestimate the power of God since He could change even the chief of sinners with their unbelieving and crooked hearts. I John 1:9 says “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” My righteousness would not let me enter His kingdom but through Christ’s perfect righteousness imputed to me, I would be acceptable to God. Christ’s perfect righteousness, perfect work, and perfect sacrifice in the cross gave me hope to be one of the heirs of eternal life. And as I received Him through faith, I prayed to our Savior and Lord that the Holy Spirit may help me win against the battles of my sins. A sinner as weak and as prone to wander like me, I need the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ every day to let me walk in His path and fight the temptation of sin.

May the Lord increase my desire of coming to know Him and His Word to fill in my mind and heart so that I would not be led astray to the pleasures and temptations of this sinful world. Psalm 119:11 says “Your word I have treasured in my heart that I may not sin against thee.” Praises and thanks be unto the Lord who hath granted me salvation that can only be found through Christ alone. Not by my works, but by His saving grace and mercy poured out on the undeserved and sinful man like me. To God be the Glory!

New Members October 2019

The Lord be praised for three new members added to MCBC, one by baptism. Young Carmela, only 16 years of age, was baptized last October 6 after the morning worship service. Then, along with Rose, one of our seniors, and Charlene, who came from two Pentecostal churches, was accepted after the evening service that same Sunday.

May God use them for His glory in MCBC!


Josiah and Diding

Thanks be to God for two new members added to MCBC. Liceta and Josiah were baptized after the morning worship last Sunday and formally received into the membership after the evening service.

Liceta, better known as Diding, is one of our seniors. She has been attending MCBC for the past two years. She is a caretaker of a big house in Valley 1, Paranaque, the same place where I taught a Bible study in 2018. Liceta and some neighbors and friends attended that Bible Study. One of those friends was Charlene, who attended MCBC before Liceta and who was instrumental in inviting her to MCBC.

She grew up a Catholic and was invited to attend some “born-again” gatherings where she was exposed to the Bible. Ultimately, she would be a regular attender in a pentecostal church. However, even with her attendance in Bible churches including MCBC, her salvation was still works-oriented. It was only recently, that the gospel became crystal-clear to her and Christ became the center of her hopes and affections.

Josiah on the other hand is the youngest son of a Reformed Baptist pastor who labors in Mindanao. He grew up well-versed in the Bible being part of a Christian family. However, his religion was only external; at heart he was a rebel to God and to his father. I will let his testimony of salvation speak:

“God, the gospel, and sin are head knowledge I grew up with. These were simply facts I didn’t question. In high school I started hating God and our religious beliefs because I thought of them as something that would end my friendships. I proudly told my father I didn’t want to be part of any religion because there would be much less problems that way. I would challenge him with questions about the legitimacy of the Bible and our beliefs. I didn’t really care for an answer. I wasn’t curious. I just wanted to show my defiance.

I mellowed down on challenging my father in college. The judgment and hell terrified me. I was well-aware of my sins and I wanted to finally get rid them. I tried so hard to stop them myself to no avail. It just got worse. This started an up and down cycle in my life. I was constantly in a loop diligently between reading my Bible and going back to my sinful and carefree life. My defiance remained. I proudly displayed that despite being a regular church attender, I didn’t want to be part of any church. I wanted to be right with God, and yet I wanted it to be on my own terms.

On February 2019 I wondered why people around my age who also grew up in church were so receptive of the gospel and yet here I am in constant defiance against God. I wanted what they have. And I wanted it right there and then. After consultation from two pastors and a few friends from MCBC, I ended my relationship with my ex-girlfriend, a Jehovah’s Witness, at the end of February — I knew going into this relationship was unequal yoking in the first place. A month later, Pastor Clyde and I started to have talks about my spiritual state which led to weekly Bible studies. Every conversation with Pastor Clyde became more evident that my faith was not on Christ. I was frustrated and confused.

Yet by God’s grace, as I was listening to an audio Bible, John 6:68 struck me. Through this verse, God opened my eyes to realize that if I turn my back on Christ, there is really nowhere else to go. Everything else is meaningless. I thought that was it. I thought I was finally saved. But then again, the weight remained and everything seemed so gloom. Yet God engraved John 6:68 into my heart and caused me to press on despite the weight.

After a Bible study in the first week of May 2019, I was so down and desperate spiritually. Pastor Clyde sent me the notes of our Bible study that day along with three verses for me to meditate upon-Gal 3:13 stuck out. It was through this verse that God made me realize Christ’s death was not just an ordinary death, but His death on the cross was a death deserving of someone who has committed heinous crimes against God. Someone like me! And yet Christ, who was blameless, didn’t break a single law, humbled Himself and received a punishment so great and the full wrath of God He didn’t deserve.

It was at this moment when God opened my eyes to see the powerful work done by Christ. A work no one is able to accomplish victoriously but only Christ. God opened my heart and I prayed and begged Him to come and save me from my sinful nature. There is nothing more I can do. There is nothing more I can add. God showed me the great power of His finished work to save sinners like me. At that moment, it felt like all that burden so heavy on me was lifted up and removed from me.

Fast forward to the first week of July 2019 while I was eating my lunch at the university’s cafeteria, I was reminded of my defiance towards God. How I hated Him. How I clenched my fists against Him. A hatred that doesn’t seem to be quenched. Yet here I am down on my knees begging Him. Seeking to glorify Him and to serve Him. I cannot think of any other explanation as to how I was pulled out from that hatred. It was only by the grace of Christ. I couldn’t help but be emotional and tear up while walking. I hated God so much. Yet despite that, He died on the cross to save me from my sinful nature. Indeed, such marvelous grace!”

Pas Mike preached in the AM service prior to the baptism.

I received them into the membership after the PM service.

Josiah the day before the baptism.

Diding poses with her fellow seniors after the baptism.

Despedida for Jenny and Myrel after the PM Service.

Ministry Update Aug 2019


Former members Gabby and Myrel visit us from New York, USA (8/25/19)


Trafalgar Bible Study (8/24/19)


Post-honeymoon visit by Lester and Ana from SGBC Cebu


Cooper OFW Bible Study (08/03/19)


Pas Boy J of Naga SGBC preaches to us again after 10 years (08/25/19)


Christian Harvest Academy Bible Study led by Pas Mike (08/21/19)


Orientation of Interested RBIPT Students (08/09/19)


Bro John B preaching at our Bacolod City church planting work (08/18/19)


Applicants for Membership Class led by Pas Clyde (08/11/19)


Singles Fellowship in Laguna led by Pas Clyde (08/05/19)


Terrible Accident in Agusan del Norte. Pas Boy C’s car collides head on with truck. Thank God his and Bing’s lives were spared (08/22/19).


Choi Family BS led by Pas Clyde (08/28/19)


Youth BS at Chateau Condo led by Pas Clyde (08/27/19)


Pas Clyde visits Naga Sovereign Grace Bible Church (08/25/19)


Gian and Sarah attend worship at Southern Districts, Sydney, Australia (08/25/19)

Cooper OFW Bible Study Team (08/03/19)

Deacon Cielo and May lead garden trimming fellowship (08/10/19).

Mc Divitt OFW Bible Study led by Pas Rolly (08/13/19)

Allegro Microsystems Bible Study at Siena Park led by Pas Rolly (08/14/19)

Bacolod OFW Bible Study led by Pas Rolly (08/23/19)

Arn and Jojie visit us from Dubai (08/18/19)


Bro Andy T visits us from Canada (08/18/19)

Tina’s First Worship Service after Two Years of Hospital Confinement (08/18/19)

Interviewing one of our applicants for membership (08/25/19)

Deacon Roland and Ana celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary (08/19/19)

Deacon Roland and Ana celebrate their 25th Wedding Anniversary (08/19/19)

Bro Choy makes a quick one-week visit from Dubai (08/22/19).

Seniors Fellowship led by Pas Rolly (08/24/19)


Ministry Update July 2019

I led the quarterly women’s fellowship (07/20/19).

Pondering on the Notes

Pas Mike leads the men’s fellowship (7/19/19).

“He who walks with the wise will be wise” was our topic. Good interaction.

Youth BS at Chateau Condo led by Bro Simon (07/23/19).

McDivitt OFW BS led by Pas Clyde (07/23/19)

Dept of Trade and Industry (DTI) BS led by Pas Clyde (07/24/19)

Choi Family BS led by Pas Clyde (07/24/19).

Junio Family BS led by Pas Mike (07/03/19)

Jeeves Dry Cleaners BS led by Pas Clyde (07/2019)

Allegro BS led by Pas Rolly (07/10/19).

21 Youth attend our Friday Night Youth Fellowship led by Pas Clyde (07/12/19).

MCBC Sunday Youth BS (mostly members’ kids) led by Bro Simon (07/14/19).

Bacolod OFW BS led by Pas Rolly (07/19/19).

Trafalgar Bldg Makati BS led by Pas Rolly (07/20/19).

Weekly BS at Imus Shopwise (Cavite) led by Pas Alex (07/13/19).

Cooper OFW BS (06/29/19) led by Sister Linda.

Some of our June Bday Celebs hold a party (06/30/19).

This was a treat by some members.

The Red Team. Prayer Meeting (07/04/19).


Sister Tetch visits us from Kentucky, USA (07/2019).

Sister Jenny P visits us from Seattle, USA (07/21/19).

Simon’s Debut Celebration (07/13/19).

OFWs from Mcdivitt and Bacolod BS attend worship (07/07/19).

Clarifying the testimony of an applicant for membership (07/18/19).